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Captain Jack

Hi there, hate and regret.
Smells like whiskey on my collar.
I've never been a threat.
Just leave me in my corner.
Mumbling 'another',
with my tears down,
remembering how I use to smother you.
Seeing you makes me frown.
Now you're just some other that I use to crown.
The only names I remember,
are Jack and Johnny,
and I'm not even sure anymore,
if either's even mine.

Just call me Captain Jack,
and leave me anonymous.
As you found me, out that night,
out to forget, the girl I almost won. 

Another day hoped to never see,
fight for you in my dream.
The lies, the cheats, the love you steal,
the wheel spins round the reel.
Like a home movie, but behind closed eyes,
awake, asleep, the dream remains.
No pause, no stops.
Just starts again...


And don't you dare tell me you want me back.
You've already told me of all the things I lack.
Just leave me be to get on with my life.
You've already stabbed me once, with that cold sharp pointy knife.


Chorus (Var) 
My name is Johnny Black.
Never been sober.
As she found me out that night,
tried to forget, the girl I call 'the one'.


 Infinite Loop 

On these clouds I fear,
what I cannot hear.
Is it really true,
that I'm losing you?

Lost in an infinite loop, I'm
stuck in an infinite loop, and
I cannot get any help,
because history repeats itself.

Verse 1
Taking the path that I thought was right; led me astray.
Remembering what you once said, made me, all okay.
Why did you have to go? Why did you leave?
I'm here all alone by myself, begging you; please come back...

(Please come back).

Instrumental Chorus w/ Guitar Solo

Verse 2
Lost in time and space again, what can I do to get out?
Two things that are exactly the same, are the past, and the future.
Now I can change all that, because it's just an illusion.
I have learnt my lesson now and I'm trying to change my fate.



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Voice - Gala Harwood
Guitar Solo - John McCall

The chorus is based on music written by David B. Schultz, from the game "Nitemare 3D" (which designed by David P. Gray). David Gray has kindly granted me all rights to the Nitemare 3D music.

Click here to download the original N3D music
Click here to purchase the original game
Click here to download the demo of this game



The Emergency

Today, is the day, that I love you.
Today, is the day, that I love you.
Your "I love you",
Your "I love you",
Your "I love you",
and I can feel it bleeding...
Your "I love you",
Your "I love you",
Today, is the day, that I love you.

Verse 1
The flashing lights have gone away,
Emergency has past.
The future's right in front of me,
and I won't finish last.
Verse 2
I wanted things to get better,
I was in pain,
I wanted you to be my lifeline.
I wanted love to get better,
I'd wait in line,
For something I knew I would get to keep. 




Original song by BT (Brian Transeau)